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Vintage Southwest Turquoise Jewelry

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Vintage Southwest Turquoise Jewelry

Sedona Indian Jewelry offers the highest quality, authentic Vintage Southwest Turquoise Jewelry. We guarantee authenticity on everything we sell. Lay a Way Payments are always welcome



  • Vintage Bracelets Vintage Bracelets

    Vintage Native American jewelry clearly refers to older pieces that were usually pre-owned. I find it interesting that the vintage jewelry, bracelets included, that come our way have little if any wear. Why is that? I think the reason for that is these older pieces that survive are usually pieces that are very special and people take care of them. They cherish them. It might be because the piece was made by a famous artist, contain very rare turquoise, coral, or other gemstones, or are just so special that everyone who has come in contact with it preserved it. Look through our vintage bracelet collection and see if you agree with me.

  • Vintage Bolo Ties Vintage Bolo Ties

    Bolo ties were among the last type of native american jewelry to be made. I think Bolo ties are a modern version of ancient breast plates. In ancient times breast plates were worn to deflect an arrow or blade and protect the wearer from harm. In modern times with the advent of modern weapons and firearms breast plates have become obsolete. Bolo ties have replaced them, not to physically protect us, but spiritually. Bolo ties offer us an opportunity to express our feelings in jewelry. The advantage of vintage bolo ties is that they offer us an opportunity to acquire rare turquoise or coral that is no longer available in a design made by a legendary silversmith who is no longer with us. Check our Vintage Bolo Tie Collection, we are always adding to it. We also offer contemporary Bolo Ties made by award winning silversmiths, you may want to take a moment and browse out collection.

  • Vintage Pendants Vintage Pendants

    When someone assigns the name vintage to any native american Indian jewelry what they are saying is that this jewelry was made between the years 1850 and 1970. The first jewelry made by American Indian silversmiths were bracelets, belt buckles, and squash blossom necklaces. While vintage necklaces are complete, they contain both the necklace and a pendant I do not consider them vintage pendants; rather vintage pendants are those that can be added to an existing turquoise, silver, or gold necklace and freely swapped from one necklace to another. This option is actually quite interesting for it gives you the opportunity to easily change the look of your jewelry by swapping both pendants and necklaces. If you see a vintage pendant that costs a bit more then you can afford simply put it on lay away there are no extra charges for that privilege.

  • Vintage Earrings Vintage Earrings

    Vintage Earrings, those earrings produced from the late 1800's through the 1950's and 60's are usually all silver. The designs are often very similar and are usually Navajo made. During this period, vintage Zuni earrings often used the inlay technique and you can see that in their turquoise earrings. The Hachita mine in New Mexico is a green blue color and was the first turquoise used in southwest jewelry and their earrings. Later as copper production increased we saw turquoise in a multitude of colors from vibrant blue to pure green.

  • Vintage Belt Buckles Vintage Belt Buckles

    Southwest silver belt buckles and turquoise belt buckles have been with us for about 150 years. In the beginning, from about 1875 through 1900, southwest belt buckles were only silver. Later, in the early 1900's when copper exploration started in the southwest turquoise became readily available and was used to adorn belt buckles as well as every other form of native american jewelry. These are considered the vintage years from the late 1700's through the 1950's and some people carry the vintage idea into the 1970's and 80's. Vintage belt buckles are particular interesting since often they are quite large, carry very unusually designs and large pieces of rare turquoise. Remember, turquoise during those years was plentiful. It is interesting to note that the same turquoise that we thought would last forever is now almost extinct.

  • Vintage Rings Vintage Rings

    Sedona Indian Jewelry offers a great collection of rings, both contemporary and vintage rings as well. We look for rings that are beautiful, have rare natural turquoise, and rings that have an interesting design. I find these qualities present in rings made decades ago or can be present in rings made today. Our vintage collection is for those pieces made prior to 1970. Look in our contemporary ring collection for more modern pieces.

  • Vintage Necklaces Vintage Necklaces

    Welcome to Sedona Indian Jewelry's vintage necklace collection. Here you will find vintage necklaces of exceptional quality made prior to 1980. These are pieces that have a proven value and in my opinion are investment quality.

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