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Indian Jewelry

Vintage Bolo Ties

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Vintage Bolo Ties

Bolo ties were among the last type of native american jewelry to be made. I think Bolo ties are a modern version of ancient breast plates. In ancient times breast plates were worn to deflect an arrow or blade and protect the wearer from harm. In modern times with the advent of modern weapons and firearms breast plates have become obsolete. Bolo ties have replaced them, not to physically protect us, but spiritually. Bolo ties offer us an opportunity to express our feelings in jewelry. The advantage of vintage bolo ties is that they offer us an opportunity to acquire rare turquoise or coral that is no longer available in a design made by a legendary silversmith who is no longer with us. Check our Vintage Bolo Tie Collection, we are always adding to it. We also offer contemporary Bolo Ties made by award winning silversmiths, you may want to take a moment and browse out collection.


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