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Navajo Jewelry

Navajo Jewelry Directory and Guide to over 50 of today's top rated Navajo Silversmiths. These are accomplished Navajo silversmiths who work entirely by hand in silver, gold and rare gem turquoise. Click on the artists name for jewelry information about that particular Navajo silversmith, the prices of his jewelry and the artist's biography.



  • Edison Cummings Edison Cummings

    Edison Cummings Jewelry has won awards at every important Native American Jewelry show. His work is often featured in books on the subject as well. These are new pieces made about 3 to 5 years ago. He used the finest gemstones from around the world and takes the time to make his jewelry perfect. Customers who visit our Edison Cummings jewelry buy Wes Wille Jewelry

  • Al Joe Al Joe

    Al Joe's been working as a professional silversmith since the 1970's. Everything on Al Joe jewelry is handmade by him alone (never the use of commercially manufactured jewelry supply store parts). This is completely handmade, traditional, Navajo jewelry adorned with high grade, natural, Southwest Turquoise gems. We have a complete collection of Al Joe jewelry including belt buckles, pendants, necklaces, rings and boloties.

  • Albert Lee and Sons Navajo Native American Jewelry Albert Lee and Sons Navajo Native American Jewelry

    Albert Lee and Sons specialize in traditional Navajo jewelry. They specialize in these early Navajo jewelry designs but have moved it in a wonderful new direction. Specifically, they use very heavy gauge silver and gold and the fit and finish to their jewelry is impeccable. They use extremely fine, rare Turquoise, Coral, Sugalite and other gems which they hand cut and polish. Albert Lee jewelry will never be mistaken for old Navajo jewelry. Frankly, it is made and finished too well. While the Lee's clearly pay homage to traditional Navajo designs, they have transformed that idea into modern masterpieces. If you enjoy technical excellence, rare gemstones and contemporary jewelry, welcome to Albert Lee and Sons Jewelry.

  • Vernon Haskie Vernon Haskie

    The Vernon Haskie Jewelry Collection includes Turquoise, Coral, Silver and Gold Inlay Bracelets, Belt Buckles and Pendants. For your convenience, we have also included the jewelry of Vernon's father Leonard on this page.

  • Wes Willie Wes Willie

    Wes Willie and a few other silversmiths have embraced the designs of Charles Loloma so well that were it not for hallmarks It would be very difficult to discern the difference...Wes Willie is known for his Charles Loloma style and, like Loloma, he uses rare turquoise and gemstones from around the world.These gems are quickly disappearing and, of course, prices are escalating as the supply dwindles. Yet, there really is no substitute for expensive turquoise and coral when perfection and beauty are such an important part of the equation... for us perfection and beauty are the goal itself...But, if we must be practical, and if history is an indicator of future value (which I think it is) than you can expect the cost of acquisition to be recovered when these pieces are resold and the remaining supply of these gems is exhausted.

  • Leonard Haskie Leonard Haskie

    Leonard Haskie has been a professional silversmith since the 1950's. For all practical purposes he is retired. Leonard Haskie jewelry is completely his own, from design to execution of both silver work and lapidary. Leonard Haskie has received numerous awards for his jewelry and has been published in both books and magazines. The jewelry you see here is new, there will be no more. Leonard is Vernon Haskie's father. For your convenience, we have also included the jewelry of Vernon Haskie on this page.

  • Arland Ben Arland Ben

    Arland Ben's jewelry has been published in numerous magazines including "Southwest Art" and "Cowboys and Indians".

  • Na Na Ping Jewelry Na Na Ping Jewelry

    Na Na Ping jewelry is collected by Museums as well as individuals. Na Na Ping's given name is Michael Garcia. He has been a professional silversmith since 1992 and is from the Pascua Yaqui tribe. Michael likes "painting" with broad strokes... you'll find Na Na Ping jewelry is often an abstract mosaic of large pieces of high grade turquoise, jade and other rare gemstones that are set in silver and / or gold.

  • James Little James Little

    James Little first gained major recognition in 1979 when he appeared with all the great Southwest Native American jewelers and silversmiths of the time in the Arizona Highways Collector's Edition - "The New look in Indian Jewelry". In that article, James appeared alongside Preston Monongye, (Senator / Silversmith) Ben Nighthorse, Gibson Nez, Jesse Monongye, Richard Tsosie, Boyd Tsosie and Charles Loloma to name a few. James Little sees the world in his own way. Perhaps, that is because he was born deaf (his hearing later surgically restored) and that void was filled by his other senses. His jewelry is a reflection of the beauty around him. Navajo people say, "walk in beauty". James helps us do that. James's hallmark is either 4 straight lines or the letter's JL inside an arrowhead. There will always be either one (or sometimes both) in all James Little jewelry.

  • Leo Yazzie Leo Yazzie

    Leo Yazzie Gold Silver Turquoise and Coral Navajo Jewelry. Leo Yazzie is an award winning, professional silversmith with over 40 years experience. Sedona Indian Jewelry has the largest Collection of Leo Yazzie jewelry on the internet. Leo Yazzie specializes in contemporary Najavo jewelry using extremely fine turquoise, coral, sugilite, opal and other gemstones. Usually his jewelry is made with a combination of gold and silver. His jewelry is very well made and quite collectible. He is recently retired, and no longer working. The jewelry you see here was made at the height of his career. This is new leo Yazzie jewelry that has never been worn or owned by a customer.

  • Sunshine Reeves Sunshine Reeves

    Daniel Sunshine Reeves has been an active, professional Navajo silversmith since 1986. He's won numerous awards at major shows and is in the permanent collections of both the Heard Museum and Harvard's Peabody Museum.

  • Bryan Joe Navajo Native American Jewelry Bryan Joe Navajo Native American Jewelry

    It is always a pleasure to welcome a young silversmith. Bryan Joe is the son of Al Joe, an award winning Navajo Silversmith who specializes in complex, handmade beads and other traditional Navajo jewelry. Bryan Joe apprenticed under his father Al Joe for many years and is now making jewelry using his own hallmark. Bryan's hallmark is almost exactly like his father's but for the initials BJ (Bryan Joe) rather than AJ (Al Joe). I find Bryan's work extraordinary by any standard... but for a man so young it is quite spectacular. The photo is of Bryan alongside his dad.

  • Ernie Lister Ernie Lister

    Ernie Lister Native American Navajo Jewelry. Ernie Lister has successfully channeled early Navajo style jewelry. His jewelry has the look and feel of fine quality vintage Native American jewelry. If it were not for his hallmark, Lister jewelry would fool experts.

  • Kee Yazzie Jewelry Kee Yazzie Jewelry

    Kee Yazzie was among the first artists to join Sedona Indian Jewelry. We have been buying his jewelry for many years and have a great selection... all here and ready to send you. Kee is Hopi and Navajo and he draws upon these two Southwest Native American cultures to create his designs. Kee was included in the Totems to Turquoise exhibit of the late 1990's which was presented by the American Museum of Natural History. Kee was only about 25 at the time... the youngest silversmith in this historic exhibit. Kee's jewelry is high quality, reasonably priced and collected world wide.

  • Boyd Tsosie Navajo Jewelry Boyd Tsosie Navajo Jewelry

    Boyd Tsosie Native American Navajo Jewelry - Sedona Indian Jewelry has been selling Boyd Tsosie jewelry since 1988. We have the largest collection of top quality Boyd Tsosie Jewelry anywhere. These are all one of a kind pieces. When they are sold they are gone. We do not accept special orders. When you buy jewelry from our inventory you know exactly what you will get, how much it costs and it is here now ready to send to you.

  • Ray Scott American Indian Navajo Jewelry Ray Scott American Indian Navajo Jewelry

    Ray Scott is an accomplished Native American Navajo silversmith. His art is his own. It is innovative and original... it explores our senses. His jewelry is often a journey into the 3rd dimension... depth. It is twisted, layered, textured and colored all to produce feelings of movement. Ray's jewelry is art. Lyrical, musical in a way that stirs your emotions. Beautiful compositions in turquoise and silver. It should also be noted that Ray's choice of gemstones never fails to add to the piece. Nothing in Ray Scott jewelry happens by accident. His jewelry is always well thought out with the express purpose of moving his designs forward. "I take great pride in my work", Ray says and he means every word. Ray (Raynard) Scott jewelry is made entirely by him. Nothing is bought from jewelry supply stores... nor do any other silversmiths participate in its making.

  • John Shopteese American Indian Jewelry John Shopteese American Indian Jewelry

    John Shopteese is a painter, sculpture and jeweler / silversmith. John's been working professionally at his craft since the 1970's. He has exhibited extensively throughout both the United States and Europe. Mr Shopteese recently passed on. John was a talented Navajo artist. Both his smiling face and wonderful jewelry will be missed.

  • Matthew White Navajo Jewelry Matthew White Navajo Jewelry

    Matthew (Matt) White is a Navajo silversmith just beginning his career. Even at this early stage his jewelry is extraordinary... both technically and artistically. I see Matt's tufa cast jewelry among the finest being made today. His talent and the promise of great things to come earned him the help of master Navajo Silversmiths, Orlando Joe, Aaron Anderson and Raymond Yazzie. Raymond, in particular, understands the art of turquoise jewelry like few other people. His help saved Matt many years of trial and error and rocketed his career. These early pieces are quite spectacular. Although they are signed with Matthew White's hallmark (M W or M. White) it would be impossible to deny that the influence of Aaron and Ray. I see wonderful things in Matthew White's future and look forward to being there with him.

  • Tommy Jackson Tommy Jackson

    Tommy Jackson Turquoise Jewelry Turquoise Belt Buckle, Bolo Tie and Ring Sets. This is investment quality, collectible Jewelry in every sense. The designs are balanced and pleasing... the turquoise is rare... and it was made by Tommy Jackson, a published Navajo silversmith.

  • Thomas Curtis Thomas Curtis

    Thomas Curtis, an award winning Navajo Silversmith, passed away on July 10, 2013. Thomas was considered among the top Navajo silversmiths, a master silversmith who professionally pursued his art for over 50 years. Thomas received many accolades, among them Best in Class at the 1987 Santa Fe Indian Market and he was featured in the May 2003 issue of Arizona Highways. Thomas Curtis was the bench silversmith for Rocking Horse Ranch in Flagstaff in 1985. He now uses his own hallmark which is T Curtis stamped in script. Thomas makes everything by hand including his die sets. The hardened steel Die Sets are used to stamp the silver jewelry. Thomas also uses chisels to flawlessly carve silver. Thomas Curtis's professional career began in the early 1950's. He fondly remembered as a child helping his grandfather make silver jewelry. Thomas Curtis' silver designs span the vintage years of the 1890's through the contemporary era that started in the 1940's with Kenneth Begay (who Thomas knew). We still have a fine collection of his jewelry offered for sale.

  • Jennifer Curtis Jennifer Curtis

    Jennifer Curtis learned her art as a child from her famous silversmith father Thomas.Jennifer works in very heavy gauge silver with the help of her husband Ray Skeets. Like Thomas Curtis, Jennifer constructs ever part of her jewelry herself. She uses here father's stamp and die sets. This is important beacause they are Thomas's original designs (not commercailly bought).When you buy Curtis jewelry it is a unique creation not mass produced.The Navajo jewelry of the 1800's was also made using heavy gauge silver.It was not until the Fred Harvey era did light weight Navajo jewelry come about. Fred Harvey catered to the tourist trade who preferred light weight jewelry. It is cheap to make and any silversmith with minimal skills could fill orders.

  • Michael Kirk Michael Kirk

    Michael Kirk, Isleta Pueblo Silver / Goldsmith. Michel Kirk has been a professional silversmith since 1971...He has received wide acclaim for his delicate and precise silver work and beautiful channel inlay... he is an accomplished Michael is particularly noted for his delicately textured Leaf and Feather designs.

  • Richard Tsosie Richard Tsosie

    Sedona Indian Jewelry has the largest Richard Tsosie Jewelry Collection anywhere. We will Not be undersold. See top quality turquoise, coral, silver and gold bracelets, belt buckles, pendants and rings all here and ready to send you today. In 1997, Sedona Indian Jewelry was the first to bring Richard Tsosie jewelry to the Internet. We have the largest collection of top quality Richard Tsosie Jewelry anywhere. These are all one of a kind pieces that are here and ready to send you today. When they are sold they are gone. ** We do not accept special orders. When you buy jewelry from our inventory you know exactly what you will get and how much it costs. With "special orders" we are never sure exactly what the finished jewelry will look like, when it will be delivered nor the what the final price will be. This is a problem that we wish to avoid. We want satisfied customers and work hard every day to keep it that way. Best wishes, Matt Wolf

  • Lonn Parker Lonn Parker

    Lonn Parker Native American Indian jewelry is a beautiful blend of traditional techniques in gold and silver combined with original designs. Lonn often uses in his jewelry ancient Native American and Navajo symbols of strength, prosperity and creation. Techniques like overlay, gemstone inlay and tufa casting are his mainstay. We always ask Lonn to use extra heavy gauge silver. The advantages of heavy gauge silver and gold in jewelry far outweigh the extra cost. The use of heavy gauge precious metals assures that inlaid gemstones will remain in place and it looks and feels far superior to thin gauge. Lonn Parker is an extraordinary silversmith. In the 1990's, Lonn made a belt and bolo tie set for then President George W. Bush. Some time ago he suffered some serious health problems and personal tragedy. However, all that seems to be in the past and Lonn is producing again. Beware of phony Lonn Parker jewelry from Silvertribe.

  • Ron Bedonie Ron Bedonie

    Ron Bedonie has won numerous major awards for his jewelry. Ron Bedonie jewelry is among the finest Southwest Native American jewelry made today.

  • Lonnie Parker Lonnie Parker

    Lonnie Parker sand cast silver and turquoise bracelets. These lead blanks are original designs and have been in Lonnie's family for many decades. To make a bracelet the lead blank is pressed into a mixture of sand and oil and one Silver bracelet is produced. The bracelet though is far from complete. After the Silver bracelet is cast... slag and remnants' from the casting must be removed. The bracelet is stamped, adornments are added, a bezel is made and a beautiful, natural turquoise gemstone is added. Finally, the patina is applied, the bracelet is polished and a unique work of the silversmith's art emerges. It is important to note too, the fine stamp work you see is from handmade dies that are over 100 years old. The dies are steel and often made from old railroad spikes. Many of Lonnie's dies are family heirlooms. The dies were made by Lonnie's grandfather, Esitty Chischilly (Curly Hair Silver Smith). The turquoise Lonnie Parker uses for her jewelry is all natural turquoise and was chosen for its beauty. Many of these turquoise gemstones are quite rare and came out long closed Arizona and Nevada turquoise mines. We have 4 pages of Lonnie's Tufa cast Bracelets... all beautiful all different

  • Pat Bedonie Pat Bedonie

    Pat Bedonie - Fine Traditional Navajo Carved Jewelry. All Pat Bedonie Jewelry (including these rings) is made by her alone. This is exceptional silver jewelry by any standards, which is not surprising, since her brother is Ron Bedonie, a well known silversmith. Pat bedonie produces, fine quality, traditional, Navajo jewelry. Pat Bedonie's jewelry is much like her brother Ron's. However you'll find the designs not as complex as Ron's and the prices considerably less then the jewelry of Ron Bedonie.

  • Moogie Hansen Smith Moogie Hansen Smith

    Moogie Hansen Smith was influenced by the jewelry of Charles Loloma. Loloma jewelry was highly innovative when it first appeared in the 1970's. Charles Loloma jewelry was hailed as a triumph in design, both for his bold use of colorful gemstones and the way he cut the stones. Loloma's work still influences Southwest Native American Indian jewelry to this day. Moogie Smith uses these ideas as a starting point for his jewelry.

  • Lorenzo Shirley Lorenzo Shirley

    Lorenzo Shirley is a talented young Navajo silversmith.We think the pendant collection he created for us is extraordinary. It reveals a true talent. The pendants are silver with natural Southwest turquoise... Bisbee, Morenci, Lone Mountain and Blue GemLorenzo's art appears to me much like a Cubist painting wrapped in a silver sculpture. I know of no one that has done this before Lorenzo

  • Isaiah Ortiz Isaiah Ortiz

    Original and handmade silver jewelry by Isaiah Ortiz jewelry. Isaiah Ortiz sometimes uses rare quartz and agate in his designs. His production is limited. Here are excellent examples of his work... well thought out designs skillfully executed. The complex work you see is entirely on the surface. The inside of the bracelet is smooth and extremely comfortable to wear.

  • Fritz Casuse Fritz Casuse

    Fritz Casuse received acclaim a few years ago from the NY City fashion industry. Fritz Casuse jewelry is old school. It is made entirely by Fritz him. Fritz Casuse, Navajo, is high quality materials, creative designs and excellent craftsmanship.

  • Raymond Yazzie Raymond Yazzie

    Raymond Yazzie was the youngest Navajo Silversmith to win best in show at the Santa Fe Indian market. While his commitment to excellence has never changed his designs have moved from relatively simply to extremely complex. Raymond Yazzie always used top quality natural gemstones. However, he rarely uses large stones. Instead, he prefers designs composed of many fragments of multi-colored gems. This technique is often referred to as micro inlay. Ray cuts, polishes and sets all his jewelry himself.

  • Mary Marie Yazzie Silver Beads Mary Marie Yazzie Silver Beads

    High quality Mary Marie Yazzie handmade silver beads are far superior to mass produced, imported counterfeit copies. Mary Marie Yazzie is the sister of Raymond Yazzie, Lee Yazzie, Marie Yazzie and Lola Daw. Mary Marie Yazzie has been making silver beads and silver jewelry for over 40 years. She learned from her brother Lee Yazzie. She is retired now and no longer produces. The remaining squash blossom necklace you see is one of her finest pieces of jewelry. It was never worn before and was made at the height of her career.

  • Sam LaFontain Navajo Jewelry Sam LaFontain Navajo Jewelry

    Sam LaFontain is an up and coming Native American silversmith / artist creating original, unique jewelry. Before focusing full time on his jewelry, Sam also painted and sculpted. Sam is both Chippewa and Navajo. At only 22, his work shows a maturity and style well beyond his years. Sam includes among his mentors, Gibson Nez, Lawrence Baca and his Aunt, Laverne Goldtooth.

  • Edward Charlie Native American Navajo Jewelry Edward Charlie Native American Navajo Jewelry

    Edward Charlie's jewelry is extraordinary, taught by Ric Charlie. His designs are beautiful... balanced and in harmony. The designs are well thought out from start to finish, long before any metal was poured. Each piece of jewelry is 1 of a kind.

  • Ric Charlie Navajo Tufa Cast Jewelry Ric Charlie Navajo Tufa Cast Jewelry

    Ric Charlie is a master tufa caster who has won many awards and whose work is often published. His designs are inspired by Navajo Landscapes andthe Navajo Deity called Yei'Bi'Ci'.

  • Jesse Monongye Contemporary Navajo Jewelry Jesse Monongye Contemporary Navajo Jewelry

    Jesse Monongye is a master jeweler. He is among the top 5 most famous living Native American Silversmiths. Jesse uses only the finest materials. He will often spend months cutting, setting and polishing gemstones to create a single masterpiece. Jesse Monongye was the first silversmith featured on the internet. Sedona Indian Jewelry did that in 1997... thank you Jesse.

  • Harvey Begay Navajo Jewelry Harvey Begay Navajo Jewelry

    Harvey Begay was the son of famous Navajo silversmith Kenneth Begay... an acclaimed silversmith himself... featured in many books written about modern Southwest Jewelry. Sadly, Harvey Begay passed away on March 2, 2009. He was 70 years old. Harvey lived an exciting life. He was a combat pilot during the Vietnam War flying F4 Phantom Jets. Following Vietnam Harvey became a test pilot for McDonnell Douglas. Later in his life, Harvey returned to creating beautiful jewelry. Harvey's hallmark is much like that of his father.

  • Jim "Jimmy" Harrison Navajo Jewelry Jim "Jimmy" Harrison Navajo Jewelry

    Jimmy Harrison American Indian Navajo Jewelry... Jim worked with Jesse Monongye and his work draws much from that of Jesse. The price of artisan made Southwest Jewelry is a function of many variables. Such things as the quality and rarity of the gemstones. The size of the bracelet... larger bracelets cost more since they use more material and take more time to complete. Of course, the complexity of the design must be considered... fabricating complex designs is more tedious and time consuming then mundane. And, the popularity of the artist (the law of supply / demand) can never be ignored).

  • Albert Nells Native American Jewelry Albert Nells Native American Jewelry

    Albert Nells began making jewelry in 1972. Albert is a meticulous craftsman. He selects only the finest, natural turquoise, coral and other gemstones from around the world. He then cuts, sets and polishes the stones in his own silver designs. Every piece of Albert Nells jewelry is made entirely by Albert.

  • Clendon Pete Traditional Navajo Jewelry Clendon Pete Traditional Navajo Jewelry

    Clendon Pete is a young Navajo silversmith. His jewelry displays a level of design and craftsmanship far beyond his years. Clendon Pete comes from a family of Navajo silversmiths that can trace its history back to the beginnings of Navajo jewelry.

  • Gibson Nez Navajo Jewelry Gibson Nez Navajo Jewelry

    Gibson Nez Navajo Jewelry - Gibson Nez passed away December 1, 2007. Gibson led a full and exciting life. He touched the lives of many people. Long after those who knew him are gone he will still be remembered through his powerful jewelry.

  • Aaron Anderson Tufa Cast Jewelry Aaron Anderson Tufa Cast Jewelry

    Aaron Anderson specializes in the ancient silver jewelry technique called tufa casting. He consistently wins at the Gallup Ceremonials which is one of the oldest Indian events of the year. I see Aaron's work much like that of Preston Monongye. I discovered Preston's jewelry in the 1980's. It is noted for deep, silver castings and timeless designs. Preston passed away many years ago.

  • Cody Hunter Navajo Jewelry Cody Hunter Navajo Jewelry

    Cody Hunter lives in a remote region of the Navajo Reservation. The images you see in his jewelry are life on the Reservation, The jewelry is made by silver and gold overlay. It is hand stamped and hand filed. Cody's jewelry is not cast. Each piece is entirely handmade. This Collection is new and was made circa 2000

  • Philander Begay Navajo Jewelry Philander Begay Navajo Jewelry

    Philander Begay is a young, accomplished Navajo silversmith. Philander's jewelry spans from ordinary to spectacular. Spectacular when Philander is inspired, ordinary if not. I much prefer Philander's jewelry inspired... and that is exactly what we have photographed below... original designs with flawless technique. Philander was influenced by Darryl Begay, Raymond Yazzie, Aaron Anderson, Preston Monongye, Jesse Monongye to name a few.

  • Norbert Peshlakai Navajo Jewelry Norbert Peshlakai Navajo Jewelry

    Norbert was born in the early 1950's and began selling jewelry under his own name in the 1970's.

  • Richard and Philbert Begay Jewelry Richard and Philbert Begay Jewelry

    Philbert Begay is the son of noted Navajo silversmith Richard Begay. Both Richard and Philbert Begay's jewelry is rooted in traditional Navajo designs and accented with fine, natural turquoise and other quality gemstones. June 4, 2013... Sadly, Richard Begay passed away and is being laid to rest today. He was a born in 1943 and was a professional silversmith since the early 1970's. During his career Richard won numerous awards. His jewelry is in the permanent collections of the Smithsonian and the Heard Museum as well as many private collections.

  • Toney Mitchell Native American Jewelry Toney Mitchell Native American Jewelry

    Toney Mitchell has been working at his craft for over 30 years. Toney's jewelry is very well made from heavy silver and is reminiscent of 1970's Southwest Silver jewelry. The turquoise, coral and other gemstones he uses are all natural. Toney Mitchell jewelry is moderately priced and while the gemstones are high quality, they are usually not rare or exotic since turquoise like Lander Blue and Lone Mountain can cost upwards of $80 a carat.

  • Edison Smith Navajo Jewelry Edison Smith Navajo Jewelry

    Edison Smith specializes early design silver Navajo Native American jewelry. Were it not for the Edison Smith hallmark it would be very difficult to know that his jewelry was not made 100 years ago. Most people do not realize that Silver Jewelry is relatively new to the Southwestern United States. There was no silver jewelry made here in Arizona or New Mexico by Native American Indian people before the 1850's. The Navajo first learned how to work metal from Mexican silversmiths (who presumably learned from the Spanish). Shortly thereafter, the Navajo taught the Zuni. The Zuni however, added a new element to their jewelry, Turquoise. The Zuni were long recognized as accomplished stone carvers. They had been making small stone animal carvings for centuries as part of their religion. For the Zuni, working turquoise into their silver jewelry came naturally. Turquoise was always expensive but the idea was well received and buyers accepted the added cost and the idea flourished. Soon turquoise became a common design element for both Navajo and Zuni silver jewelry. Gold Southwest jewelry did not happen until the later 1900's.

  • Ernest Rangel Ernest Rangel

    Navajo Silversmith and Professional Rodeo Cowboy who specializes in silver ranger style belt buckles and bracelets. When Ernest is not competing on the Rodeo circuit he is busy silversmith. His jewelry has a rugged look. These are quality silver belt buckles and bracelets. Sometimes his buckles are sand cast and sometimes they are made by overlay.

  • Norman Bia Norman Bia

    Norman Bia is a talented Navajo silversmith who creates both Traditional and Contemporary, Southwest, Silver, Turquoise and Coral Jewelry. Norman Bia is never in a rush to finish his jewelry, he is more concerned about high quality and original design then he is about mass producing. Each piece of his Navajo jewelry is an individual work of art.

  • Alton Bedonie Alton Bedonie

    Alton uses a variety of techniques including stamping and silver overlay and is one of the few Native American Silversmiths to carve his jewelry using a high speed diamond bit drill. Everything on Alton Bedonie jewelry is handmade by Alton Bedonie himself... nothing is bought from a jewelry supply store. These is original, contemporary Native American Jewelry.

  • Veronica and Ernest Benally Veronica and Ernest Benally

    Ernest Benally has been a silversmith since 1977. He's won numerous awards at major shows throughout the southwest. Sometimes he and his wife Veronica collaborate but usually they both sign their own jewelry. At one point in the late 1990's, Ernest had a shop with other silversmiths producing Benally signed jewelry. Now, all Benally jewelry is produced by either Ernest or Veronica.

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