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Southwest Gold Native American Jewelry is a relatively new idea that first appeared in the late 1970's.Up until then (from the 1840's forward), all Southwest Indian Jewelry was made from silver... except for the occasional piece made from cooper. However, in the 1970's there was an explosion of interest in genuine Native American Southwest Turquoise jewelry.That was a period of a stagnant US economy, 18% interest rates, $850/oz gold and $35/oz silver.The Wall Street Journal touted Southwest Indian jewelry as more then beautiful but as a solid investment. Frankly, time has proven the Wall Street Journal right.Great silversmiths of the time, whose jewelry originally sold for a few hundred to a few thousand dollars now commands substantially more. The best pieces simply do not go down in value. The supply is thin and the demand great... even a slight drop in price is cause for a long term collector to buy.Goldsmiths are always those artists at the top of their craft. Making gold jewelry requires a significant investment with no guarantee of a return. Artists will put their best effort into gold jewelry with the finest turquoise and coral the artist has to offer.



  • Gold Bracelets Gold Bracelets

    Gold, while not the rarest metal, is without doubt the most popular rare metal used in jewelry. Gold is often used in bracelets to move the design from ordinary to special. It is not unusual to find gold bracelets worn with casual clothing to elevate ones appearance without changing a thing but the bracelet. In today's current market with gold selling for approximately 60x the price of silver, expect to pay substantially more for a bracelet when gold is added to the design. The more gold used in a bracelet, the higher the cost. Handmade southwest native american bracelets are a particular case and point. When a native american artist commits to making a gold bracelet, his investment in the piece moves substantially higher, as does his commitment. You'll usually find native american handmade bracelets will be among an artists finest work.

  • Gold Bolo Ties Gold Bolo Ties

    Bolo Ties have always been worn by an unusual breed of people, judges, rock stars, and individualists everywhere. The bolo tie reflects something special about the wearer. Bolo ties can be worn with casual attire like jeans or worn with a tuxedo. A dress bolo tie will usually be gold or, at the very least, have some gold in the design. It is not unusual to see gold bolo ties adorned with very high quality, natural turquoise such as Lander Blue, Bisbee, Lone Mountain, or turquoise from a few other top quality southwest mines.

  • Gold Pendants Gold Pendants

    Very few native american pendants are made of gold. The investment required to produce a gold pendant is so large that ordinary silversmiths do not dare make gold pendants for fear they will not recover their costs and make a profit at the time of sale. You can be sure that when a top Najavo, Zuni, or Hopi artist commits to producing a gold pendant, it will he his or her finest work. Also expect, that if you see turquoise or coral or any other gemstone used in a gold pendant, that stones quality will be of the highest grade. Never fear making an investment in these pieces for you will recover that cost (and usually a profit) if and when you decide to part with a piece.

  • Gold Belt Buckles Gold Belt Buckles

    It is very unusual to find Native American belt buckles made from gold. Usually Native American belt buckles are silver. Many artists will combine both silver and gold in their buckles. We have some made by Watson Honanie and Jennifer Curtis. We are always adding new belt buckles to the Collection. These are all one of a kind. it is important to note that whenever an artist chooses to use gold he will do his best work and often add the finest turquoise and coral available.

  • Gold Rings Gold Rings

    Of all the jewelry that you'll find made of gold, rings are the most popular. Gold rings are often used as gifts to express feelings of love, friendship, and admiration. Gold rings are worn as a means of expressing ones elevated status in society. Often, southwest native american gold rings are adorned with very special turquoise, coral, and other highest quality gems. Top quality gold rings are almost always made by award winning native american artists and worn by successful, accomplished people.

  • Gold Earrings Gold Earrings

    Sedona Indian jewelry offers a fine collection of hand made southwest native american gold earrings. These are gold earrings made by the most accomplished artists working today and in some cases, vintage gold earrings from silversmiths long gone. The design of gold earrings has changed over the decades, we have traditional gold earrings as well as contemporary and avant garde. As is the case with all gold jewelry, gold earrings will usually be adorned with the finest gemstones that the artist can buy.

  • Gold Necklaces Gold Necklaces

    The Sedona Indian Jewelry gold necklace collection is quite unusual. We have gold necklaces that cannot be altered. In other words, the necklace and the center pendant are meant to stay together and the design cannot be changed. On the other hand, we have a wonderful collection of pieces you build to suit the occasion. The necklace can be worn separately, as can the pendant can be worn separately. The wearer decides what pendant to wear with which necklace. This option gives your collection much versatility and gives you the opportunity to get more use out of your piece.

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